June Update on 2022 Fund Drive

Thanks to the generosity of 22 donors, our total has grown for our 2022 Fundraising Campaign! As of June 21st 2022, we have received $3,556.88 additional donations for a total of $230,917.76!

June 2022 Fund Drive Total
June 2022 Fund Drive Total

For more information on our fundraiser, visit our website at the link below. Thank you all for your generosity!

2022 Fundraiser Info

Donor List for This Month:

  • James B. Atkinson
  • John Bowie
  • Alexander Bowser
  • Laurence Carbonetti
  • Ben Cornelius
  • Bruce H. Courter
  • Douglas E. Fink
  • Louis E. Fisher
  • John Friedmann in honor of Wick Moorman
  • Harvey E. Heiges
  • Melissa Holden
  • Dave Johnson
  • Victor V. Kidd
  • Frank Kyper
  • James Murray
  • Joshua Nelson
  • Thomas Parker
  • Alan Sinclair
  • Thomas H. Stoner
  • James Zumbo