FEBT Events

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FEBT Fall Reunion

The Fall Reunion is a three-day event held every year by the Friends. It includes activities based around the East Broad Top Railroad, and our FEBT Museum in Robertsdale 30 miles southwest of Rockhill Furnace. The weekend typically includes the annual FEBT business meeting on Friday evening. Other activities include tours, seminars, model and photo contests, a fundraising auction where EBT memorabilia and other valuable items are sold to the highest bidder, a reunion dinner and the FEBT museum open house. The FEBT usually provides yard, shop and roundhouse tours

Note: Participation in the FEBT reunion activities requires registration and the payment of a registration fee. Only FEBT members may register. The registration fee entitles the participant entrance to various activities which may include a train ride and a shop tour.

The 2022 FEBT Fall Reunion will be held on Columbus Day weekend, October 7-9. Click here for more information on the 2022 Reunion.