FEBT Events

This page lists FEBT sponsored events and activities. For a full schedule of FEBT and related events, visit the Events Schedule page.

FEBT Fall Reunion

The Fall Reunion is a three-day event held each year by the Friends. It includes activities based around the East Broad Top Railroad, and our FEBT Museum in Robertsdale 30 miles southwest of Rockhill Furnace. The weekend typically includes the annual FEBT business meeting on Friday evening. Other activities include tours, seminars, model and photo contests, a fundraising auction where EBT memorabilia and other valuable items are sold to the highest bidder, a reunion dinner and the FEBT museum open house. The FEBT usually provides yard, shop and roundhouse tours. Regular and special trains operate at the railroad.

Note: Participation in the FEBT reunion activities requires registration and the payment of a registration fee. Only FEBT members may register, membership is available to all including at event sign-up. The registration fee entitles the participant entrance to various activities specific to the Reunion, which may include a train ride and a shop tour.

The 2024 reunion will be held October 4-6. For details visit the 2024 FEBT Fall Reunion event page.

The 2025 Reunion is TENTATIVELY scheduled for Oct 3-5 2025. Please check back Summer 2025 for details.

Traditionally the Reunion has been held on Columbus Day weekend, but starting in 2023 is will be held the fourth weekend before Halloween.

FEBT Robertsdale Museum

Located 25 minutes southwest of Rockhill (where trains operate), this is the location heart of Broad Top Coal Mining Country. The Robertsdale Museum is open Saturdays from May through October plus during special events at the East Broad Top Railroad. The Museum features exhibits about the East Broad Top Railroad, tours of the historic EBT Robertsdale railroad yard and coal mine area, and handcar rides on over a mile of reopened EBT mainline track. And onsite gift shop has a variety of EBT railroad and coal mining merchandise and accepts credit cards. For details, visit the FEBT Robertsdale Museum page. Admission is free, but donations are happily accepted!

Restoration Sessions

FEBT volunteers work year-round on many parts of the East Broad Top Railroad, working to preserve and restore this historic treasure. Projects are available for all skill levels, from novices to pros. FEBT membership is required, and is available to all. For details on FEBT Restoration Sessions, visit the Volunteer Page.

Young Easties Youth Program

The FEBT Young Easties Volunteer Program is for teenage railroad enthusiasts ages 13 to 17 (18 if still in High School). The program is intended to foster an interest in railroads in general and the East Broad Top in particular, and to encourage future FEBT volunteers and leaders. The program will create a safe and welcoming environment for every participant, and will allow them to have fun, work hard, learn safe working practices, and experience new things. For more details, see the Young Easties Program page