About The Friends of the East Broad Top

The Friends of the East Broad Top is an organization of over 1,100 supporters and enthusiasts who believe the East Broad Top Railroad is a historic treasure of national significance. The organization is committed to its mission for the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of the East Broad Top. This commitment takes many forms.

FEBT supports its mission through actions ranging from advocacy to events, from hands-on restoration to historical research. Over two dozen structures on the EBT have been restored, stabilized or fully restored by FEBT volunteers. A museum about the EBT is maintained by the group in two historic EBT structures in Robertsdale, the heart of the former coal mining operations. FEBT holds a large collection of historical EBT artifacts and photographs, and it publishes an award-winning magazine, the Timber Transfer, dedicated to the East Broad Top. The organization also holds events in the EBT area. And the group operates the FEBT Company Store, which sells a wide array of EBT related merchandise. FEBT supports modeling of the East Broad Top through sales of EBT-specific modeling materials and research materials, and through numerous Timber Transfer articles.

If you are interested in the future of this very historic site, FEBT is the place to be. Consider joining today!

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