2024 Campaign

2024 Campaign - June Total
2024 Campaign – June Total

Current Update

Thanks to the generosity of 53 donors, our 2024 Campaign has jumped by $7,677! As of June 21, 2024, we have received a total of $291,835! Thank you all for your generosity!

The 2024 Campaign has now exceeded the final 2023 Campaign total of $270,775, establishing a new high for our annual campaigns. And we still have three months to go!

Remember that 2024 Campaign donations beyond the initial $220K goal will be targeted toward purchase of track materials for the March to Saltillo. We already have over $70K toward more track supplies!

Campaign Info

Your support of the 2024 Campaign will enable new progress on current FEBT efforts and the launch of exciting new ones to preserve, restore and interpret the East Broad Top RR. Our goal is to raise $220,000 to:

2024 Campaign donations beyond the initial $220K goal will be targeted toward purchase of additional track materials for the march to Saltillo.

Follow the link below to securely donate online to our FEBT Annual Campaign, and continue reading for more details on the 2024 projects.

Thank you for your support!


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Here are the latest updates on the projects included in the 2024 Campaign.

EBT Saltillo Station
EBT Saltillo Station

Saltillo Station

The preliminary architectural drawings and site survey for the Saltillo station have been completed. Now it is time to rebuild the station. With your support we plan to fund the exterior construction of the building, with FEBT volunteers to complete the interior work. This will be a major step to enable the EBT’s planned return to Saltillo. We desire to raise $50,000 in the 2024 Campaign for this project. Click here to donate.

EBT Trackwork South of Rockhill
EBT Trackwork South of Rockhill

Continue the March to Saltillo

The combined FEBT and EBTF track restoration effort crossed Route 475 south of Rockhill Furnace in March of 2024. This marked the start of a new phase in the “March to Saltillo”. This segment of the EBT’s historic mainline has been out of service since 1956. Restoration work will continue from here on to Jordan Summit, then onward toward Saltillo. This work has been made possible with ties, spikes, tie plates, and ballast that have been purchased with funding from prior FEBT Campaigns. We have also provided $40,000 from the initial 2024 Campaign to continue this effort. Track restoration beyond Jordan Summit will require significant additional track materials. 2024 donations beyond the initial $220,000 goal will be targeted to purchase additional track materials to accelerate the March to Saltillo. Click here to donate.

Start efforts to rebuild the Robertsdale Engine House

EBT Robertsdale Engine House
EBT Robertsdale Engine House

Great progress has been made in Robertsdale including the FEBT museum, new roofs, track restoration, and clearing of the yard area. A major next step would be the reconstruction of the Robertsdale engine house. We would like to launch initial architectural design work to begin the effort to rebuild this long-lost building. We’d like to raise $10,000 in the 2024 campaign to fund this effort. Click here to donate.

The Archives of the EBT
The Archives of the EBT

Continue the work to preserve and make accessible the EBT Archives

The EBT archives in 2023 added over 1100 items (including the Ryan, Boutell, and Slater photo collections) to the public site and completed digitizing and indexing all of the Baldwin drawings relating to locomotives 14 and 15. With your financial support, we will continue the work to preserve and make accessible the EBT Archives. This will allow the archives team to add detailed surveys, descriptions, and hundreds of photos of the entire line, plus never-before-available corporate business records.

(Visit the Archives at https://ebtfoundation.org/archives/)

We are seeking to raise $70,000 to continue the archive work in 2024, with a mix of full-time technicians and knowledgeable FEBT volunteers. Click here to donate.

EBT Locomotive #15
EBT Locomotive #15

Construct a new tender tank for Locomotive 15

Multiple operating steam engines were long a hallmark of the East Broad Top. This can again become reality with your help. The EBT Foundation plans to next restore No. 15 to operation. The FEBT will support this effort by funding the construction of the needed new tender tank for the engine by raising $50,000 in the 2024 campaign. Click here to donate.

In all, we sought to raise an initial $220,000 to fund these projects. Donations above the $220,000 goal will be targeted at additional track materials to accelerate the March to Saltillo. You may donate online (credit card and PayPal accepted) at the FEBT Company Store, store.febt.org/donate. If you prefer to send a check or money order payable to FEBT, address it to Karen Bulman, FEBT Fundraising Treasurer, P.O. Box 43063, Cincinnati Ohio 45243. FEBT is a designated 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.

The 2024 Annual Campaign started October 1, 2023 and runs until September 30, 2024.

Photos courtesy of the EBT Archives, Al Gallo, Lee Rainey, and Matthew Malkiewicz.