FEBT Library

The FEBT Library is located in the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company Post Office building in Robertsdale, PA. It holds the paper collections of FEBT, including books, magazines, photos, and plans relating to the East Broad Top railroad, Rockhill Iron and Coal Company, and surrounding industries and communities.

Visiting the Library

In 2024, the Library will be open on the 3rd Saturday of each month. These are dates that the FEBT Robertsdale Museum is open. Please check the FEBT Robertsdale Museum hours to find dates when the Library is open.

To view collections, contact the volunteer at the museum counter with the list of items you would like to view. The Librarian will bring the collections from the stacks and the patron will be able to view them at the Library Table in the museum. Food and drink are not permitted at the Library Table and patrons must wash their hands prior to handling any collections items. Collections are not loaned out and must remain at the Library Table in the Post Office building. Patrons are not permitted in the stacks.

Please consult the link below for a list of the holdings available in the library.

Library Holdings

Genesis of the Library

Since its creation in 1983, FEBT has accepted and cared for donations including photos, books, articles and paper relating to the East Broad Top Railroad, the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company and the surrounding industries and communities. From the beginning, it was intended for part of the upper floor of the R&IC Post Office building to serve as a library for the organization’s holdings once the restoration of the building was completed. In the meantime with the Post Office building under restoration and the EBT Robertsdale Station in use as the museum, there was not a central location to securely store the collections and make them available to researchers.

That dream has at last become a reality. Restoration of the Post Office was completed in 2022 and the new museum and gift shop officially opened on it’s first floor. In May 2023, with some finishing touches to the second floor, the FEBT Library has officially opened.