Young Easties Youth Program

Young Easties Orientation (Photo by Matthew Malkiewicz)
Young Easties Orientation (Photo by Matthew Malkiewicz)

Download the registration & medical release form at this link: Young Easties Registration & Medical Release Form

The FEBT Young Easties Volunteer Program is for teenage railroad enthusiasts ages 13 to 17 (18 if still in High School). The program is intended to foster an interest in railroads in general and the East Broad Top in particular, and to encourage future FEBT volunteers and leaders. The program will create a safe and welcoming environment for every participant, and will allow them to have fun, work hard, learn safe working practices, and experience new things.

Young Easties program sessions will be one-day events, typically on a Saturday. Multiple sessions per year are planned. Program sessions will generally take place at the EBT Railroad facilities in Rockhill Furnace, PA. Program activities will be a mix of fun and educational content and hands-on projects.

Young Easties program activities will be separate from other FEBT volunteer activities, although they both may be occurring concurrently. Youth program participants will only be directed by designated FEBT Young Easties Program Leaders. The program will be fully compliant with PA youth regulations and all Youth Program Leaders will have recognized PA youth clearances.

Young Easties At Work! (Photo by Matthew Malkiewicz)
Young Easties At Work! (Photo by Matthew Malkiewicz)

A current FEBT membership is required for all participants. This may be a student membership ($30) or a family membership ($45). Youth membership scholarships are available based on need. A parent is not required but is welcome to attend. One adult family member (grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling) can attend in place of the parent with parental permission. Adult participation also requires FEBT membership. Completion of a Registration and Release Form by all participants and parent/guardian will be required prior to participation. Download the Registration and Release Form here or at the link above.

If interested in participating in the Young Easties program, email a completed Young Easties Registration & Medical Release Form to


Upcoming dates for Young Easties sessions:

  • September 21, 2024