FEBT Management

FEBT is governed by a nine-member board of directors. Directors are elected by FEBT members for two-year terms, with each half staggered by one year from the other. An executive committee, consisting of the president, vice president and secretary, provides policy guidance to officers and staff and management oversight for all FEBT operations. Officers, including the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, are selected annually by the board. Staff positions are appointed by the president in consultation with the board. All directors, officers, and staff persons serve as unpaid volunteers.


PositionNameContactTerm Ends
PresidentAndrew H. Van Scyoc417 Park Road
Rockville, MD 20850-1515
Cell: (301) 943-6255
email: vanscyoc@gmail.com
Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
William L. AdamsTelephone: (301) 627–2344
email: billatoms@gmail.com
SecretaryCurtis E. MillerCell: (412) 855-7183
email: Secretary@febt.org
Ray DavidowskiCell: (724) 594-6311
email: raymond.p.davidowski@gmail.com
Gene R. Tuckeremail: (814) 644 3677 friartuck3@yahoo.com2024
Lawrence BiemillerCell: (202) 494-7670
email: biemiller@mac.com
Doug DavenportTelephone: (540) 522-7447
email: febtnews@yahoo.com
R. Lee RaineyTelephone: (814) 867–7878
email: leerainey aol.com
David Bulmanemail: (513) 497-2377 dkbulman@gmail.com2024

Other Officers

TreasurerWilliam T. Wheeler10818 Childs Court
Silver Spring, MD 20901-4431
Cell: 240 504-3883
Fax: (301) 593-8543
E-mail: penyanboat@aol.com
Chief Financial OfficerWilliam L. Adams(see above)
Asst. Vice PresidentRichard D. Shell190 Pippin Street
Roanoke, VA 24019
E-mail: ShellScale@aol.com

Committee Chairmen

Audit CommitteeRandall J. Lehrian, Jr.(See Board of Directors)
Investment CommitteeAndrew H. Van Scyoc(See Board of Directors)
Website Revision CommitteeAndrew H. Van Scyoc(See Board of Directors)
Calendar CommitteeAndrew H. Van Scyoc(See Board of Directors)

Appointed Staff

BTACMHS LiaisonRon Morgan(814) 635-2013
email: rmbt@pennswoods.net
Combine No. 16 CoordinatorStephen W. Jacobs(717) 627-4121
email: stephen.jacobs@cnh.com
Company Store
Fulfillment ManagerWade Woodcock19 West Vandevender Street
Mount Union, PA 17066
FEBT: (814) 386-9152
email: febtstore@verizon.net
ManagerRichard M. Ullery(412) 720-3908
email: dickullery38@gmail.com
Newsletter EditorDoug DavenportNewsletter Contact Info
MembershipPeter A. Clarke10428 Carlyn Ridge Road
Damascus, MD 20872-2157
H: (301) 253-4913
FEBT: (301) 482-1136
email: febt@aol.com
MuseumP. O. Box 68
Robertsdale, PA 16674
Office: (814) 635-2388
Oral History Coordinator(Vacant)
Robertsdale Restoration CoordinatorPete ClarkeRobertsdale Contact Info
Rockhill Furnace Restoration CoordinatorCharles A. Wootton(814) 448-2525
email: cwootton01@centurylink.net
The Timber Transfer
Managing EditorJane Clarke10428 Carlyn Ridge Road
Damascus MD 20872-2157
Home: (301) 253-4913
FEBT: (301) 482-1136
email: timbertransfereditor@aol.com
Contributing EditorR. Lee Rainey(See Board of Directors)
Contributing EditorLawrence Biemiller(See Board of Directors)
Web Site
WebmasterChristopher D. Colemanemail: webmaster@febt.org
Assistant WebmasterJohn P. H. Morganemail: on3manorg@gmail.com
Wilburn Library LiaisonLarry H. WilliamsHome: (814) 635-2371
Office: (814) 635-3654
email: LarryH_Williams@verizon.net
Amazon SmileRandall J. Lehrian, Jr.(See Board of Directors)

Professional Advisers

AccountantStacey M. YoungSchreckengaust Associates
4460 Linglestown Road
Harrisburg PA 17112-9503
Office: (717) 657-2827
Fax: (717) 657-9576
email: info@cascpa.net:
Registered AgentRichard D. Shell(See Other Officers)