2021 FEBT Restoration Fundraiser

Dear generous patrons, as of December 21st 2020, we have hit our target of $78,000 for the fund drive after just a few months. We will continue accepting donations for the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad throughout our year of fundraising. More information on the remainder of our 2021 fund drive will be coming soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

For the 2021 restoration season, FEBT is launching several new important restoration projects across the railroad. In 2020 FEBT was able to provide funds from its Restoration Fund to the EBT Foundation in the amount of $86,000 for a professional contractor to raise and stabilize the EBT Carpentry Shop. FEBT volunteers will provide the balance of work needed to restore that building.

Continuing this success into 2021 will require additional funds, which is why we are reaching out to you! our goal is $78,000 to complete four projects. These projects provide much needed attention to historic East Broad Top Railroad Structures, and involve a combination of volunteer labor and professional contractors.

Follow the link below to securely donate online to our FEBT Restoration Fund, and continue reading for more details on the 2021 projects.


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These projects follow on from a long list of Restoration Projects executed by FEBT over the last seventeen years.

Project Descriptions:

EBT Robertsdale Station

EBT Robertsdale Station Roof Replacement – $10,000

  • A new authentic standing seam metal roof will be installed.
  • Repairs to the wood structure supporting the roof.

Rockhill Iron and Coal Company Robetsdale Post Office

EBT Museum Security System – $12,000

  • Will include cameras, sensors and master control.
  • FEBT Museum and gift shop are currently moving into the RI&C Post Office Building which has been pre-wired for the system.
EBT Coal Dock

Rockhill Coal Dock Phase 2 – $10,000

  • Phase 1 included repairs to the doors, roof and new chute in 2011.
  • Phase 2 includes reinstalling the road to the tipple to allow coal to be loaded into the tipple, and completing repairs to the chutes and structure.
  • Phase 3 will include reconstructing the shed at the top of the building.

EBT Storehouse

Rockhill Storehouse – $46,000

  • Building is sinking into the ground, but can be saved.
  • Funds will bring in a contractor to lift and stabilize the building.
  • FEBT will provide additional labor.
    • Remove the lean-to connecting it to the stone house.
    • Repair siding, windows and interior.
    • Reconstruct the lean-to.