September Update on 2021 Fund Drive

September 2021 Fund Drive Total
September 2021 Fund Drive Total

Our 2022 Fundraising Campaign has begun, but we are still finishing up our 2021 Fundraiser! As of September 21st 2021, we have advanced by $6,046.00 Our new 2021 total is $156,819.31!

As the funds already donated are hard at work executing the projects outlined in our goals, additional projects will now be funded by the extreme generosity of our donors, including the EBTF/FEBT Archive Project and the Carpentry Shop concrete floor.

For more information on our fundraiser, how to donate, and the worthy projects that it will fund, visit our website at the link below. Thank you all for your generosity!

2021 Fundraiser Info (fundraising concluded)

2022 Fundraiser Info

Donor List:

Alexander Bowser
Robert Caccese
Beth & Bruce Courter
Ronald E. Davis
Walter D. Dietz
Bradley Dobbins
Douglas E. Fink
Peter Floyd
Stephen D. Gould
Weldon D. Greiger
Fred E. Hagerich
David Homer
Thomas Jennings Jr.
Dave Johnson
Victor V. Kidd
Bernard Kinlein
Keith Kreider
Joe Kress
Garret McCabe
William Melville
Edward Morin Jr.
David Phillips
Clifford Schoff
Ann Sparrough
Erica Stephenson
Douglas C. Taylor
Christopher Vitz
Walter Weart
Richard Weiss

In Memory of Richard A. Strittmatter

William P. Kcenich