Announcing the FEBT 2022 Restoration Fundraising Campaign!

EBT Saltillo Water Tank
EBT Saltillo Water Tank – Photo by Hugh Boutell

Friends of the East Broad Top is pleased to announce the start of our 2022 Restoration Fundraising Campaign! The campaign raises funds for many important projects that are part of the ongoing preservation and restoration efforts at the East Broad Top Railroad. Projects are executed in concert with our partner the EBT Foundation.

This Fundraiser will fund four new projects:

  • Rockhill Coal Dock Repairs and Fire Suppression System
  • Engineering work for Saltillo Depot and Water Tank
  • EBT Foundation/FEBT Archiving Project
  • Robertsdale Interpretive Signage and Hopper Repainting

For more information on our fundraiser, how to donate, and the worthy projects that it will fund, visit our website at the link below. Thank you all for your generosity!

Click Here for Full 2022 Fundraiser Info