FEBT Robertsdale Museum Reopening

After an 18 month hiatus during the pandemic, the FEBT Robertsdale Museum is reopening June 12, 2021, and doing so in new and improved quarters!

The Rockhill Iron and Coal Company Post Office building, after many years of restoration by FEBT, is completed and ready for occupancy. The Museum has moved across the tracks into the Post Office building. The museum will feature new exhibits and a new gift shop. As part of the move, the museum will now accept credit cards. 

FEBT Robertsdale Museum
FEBT Robertsdale Museum

With the museum removed from the EBT Roberstdale Station building, the way is now clear to begin the long needed roof replacement on that building. The roof work has been fully funded by the generosity of donors as part of our 2021 Fundraising Campaign

The Museum will be open the second and fourth Saturday of each month, June through at least September. For more information, visit our page for the FEBT Robertsdale Museum.