Rockhill Restoration Session March 14-15

Rockhill Restoration Session March 14-15

The next Rockhill work session of the 2020 season will take place Saturday and  Sunday, March 14-15. Saturday work hours will be from 9 am to 5 pm.   Sunday work hours will be from 9 am to 4 pm.
If you are a first time FEBT volunteer, please also read our Volunteering with FEBT page.


For up to the minute weather forecasts visit  and enter the Rockhill zip code 17249.


Breakfast AND lunch will be served at the Iron Rail Bed & Breakfast for a donation both days.  Breakfast served at 8:00 AM, lunch served at 12 noon both days.  All proceeds will be donated to FEBT to support ongoing restoration work.  To reserve your seat, contact David at before Thursday.   Local restaurants are available for lunch and dinner.


* Iron Rail B&B 814-447-3927
* Mill stone Manor 814-643-0108
* Huntingdon Motor Inn 814-643-1133
* Comfort Inn 814-643-1600 (ask for the Febt rate)
* Fairfield Inn 814-643-7909
* Downes Hotel 717-987-3116.


This team will continue to prep the machine shop and boiler shop for Woodford Bros. to right the buildings later this spring.  Work will entail lifting floor boards, removing nails as needed, moving dozens of rail wheels, H beams, and axles, hanging temporary lighting.  Tools to bring include pry bars, hammers, crow bars.   Randy Lehrian will lead this project.


The combine crew will continue stripping internal and external paint.  Installing clerestory windows will continue if enough help is present.  Milling of new interior wood will begin along with installing original interior wood pieces.  Window installation on the East side of the car is ready to begin.  Tools to bring include heat guns, scrapers, hearing protection.  Charlie Wootton will lead this project.


Lumber Shed Roof

The lumber shed needs a few sheets of roofing put back on the roof and many other sheets screwed down before they blow off.  Tools to bring include cordless drivers with 1/4″ magnetic nut setters, nail aprons, hard hats if you have them.

Paint Prep

Several buildings will need to be repainted this summer and prep work for that can start now.  The Electrician/Brake shop, Sand house, Car shop, Boiler shop, Coal bin, Foundry can all be scraped and made ready for paint.  Tools to bring include paint scrapers, hard hats if you have them, putty knives, step ladders.

Brush Cutting

Brush Cutting is an ongoing chore at EBT.  The south section sheds will need the brush cut back, as well as the Jordan creek.  Tools to bring include brush cutting shears, chainsaws with safety gear.

Building Documentation

The connecting building between the Stone house and the first Store house will need to be documented in pictures and drawings with measurements.   The connector will  need to be torn down so Woodford Bros. can right the Store house later this spring.  It will be rebuilt based on the documentation done, after Woodford Bros. has completed their work.  Tools to bring include cameras, notebooks, drawing/drafting tools.

Building Demolition

Once the connector building is documented it will need to be removed and parts salvaged to be reused in the rebuild.

Track Work

A couple of ties and some tamping will need to be done so the Rio Grande flats can be moved safely from behind the Car shop.  Bring hard hats, gloves and eye protection.  Steel toes recommended.

Flat Cars

One flat car will need to have stirrup steps re-installed and lots of grinding to remove old welds.  One of the Rio Grande flats, once moved, will need its roof removed and returned to a flat car.  Tools to bring include 4-1/2″ grinders with grinding wheels, hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection.

Coal Tipple Clean Up

Spilled coal will need shoveled away from the doors and rails.  Bring shovels.


The FEBT company store will be offering free shipping to restoration volunteers with pick-up at Rockhill during the work session.  Orders must be placed by noon on March 13 at  At checkout, select free shipping to Rockhill.  Orders will be available for pickup between 10 am and Noon.
You must be 18 and a member of the FEBT ( or join the FEBT at the work site.)  These are insurance requirements.  We are guests of the railroad and need to behave accordingly.
Last-minute walk-ons are always welcome at our sessions, but if possible, drop me an email in advance to let me know that you are coming.  It helps with the planning.
See you there!