August Update on 2023 Fund Campaign

2023 Fund Campaign - August Total
2023 Fund Campaign – August Total

The Friends of the East Broad Top reached new fundraising milestones in our our 2023 Fundraising Campaign. Thanks to our generous donors we have exceeded a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS, the first time in any campaign! As of August 25st, 2023 we have received a total of $258,236.21, including 37 donations for $9,423.00 in the last month! This was also the best August we’ve ever had.

Remember that donations above our goal (which we have reached) fund FURTHER project toward restoration of the East Broad Top.

For more information on our fund campaign, including a list of projects to be funded and informational video, visit our the link below. Thank you all for your generosity!

2023 Fund Campaign Info

Donor List for This Month:

  • Jerry Angier
  • Timothy R. Beaty
  • Jan Bender
  • Alexander Bowser
  • Christopher Buckley
  • Tom Buckley
  • David Capp
  • Thomas Carlson
  • Jeffrey W. Damerst
  • Gerard Deily
  • Douglas Fink
  • Robert D. Fontana
  • Norman P. Gentieu
  • John Griffith
  • Frank Harker
  • Charless Hawkins
  • Michael Hegedus
  • James & Julie Hughes
  • Vincent Jakubowski
  • Dave Johnson
  • Patricia Jud
  • Victor Kidd
  • Stephen D. King
  • Ethan Lashlee
  • Sherry Vivian Makin
  • Richard Onorevole
  • Orbisonia-Rockhill Furnace Historical Society
  • Ted Ostrander
  • Peter Reisiger
  • William R. Seabrook
  • Daniel Wesoloski
  • David S. Whitaker*
  • Wayne Wilder

*In memory of David & Esterina Battistella