June Update on 2021 Fund Drive

June 2021 Fund Drive Total
June 2021 Fund Drive Total

Our head of steam is still building! As of June 21st 2021, we have advanced by $10,478 Our new total is $145,081.31!

Although we have surpassed our goal, we are continuing to raise funds for the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad throughout the rest of our year of fundraising year. So KEEP GIVING and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

As the funds already donated are hard at work executing the projects outlined in our goals, additional projects will now be funded by the extreme generosity of our donors, including the EBT Archive Project.

For more information on our fundraiser, how to donate, and the worthy projects that it will fund, visit our website at the link below. Thank you all for your generosity!

2021 Fundraiser Info

Donor List:

  • John J. Atherton
  • Jan & Terry Bender
  • Philip L. Berneburg
  • Alexander Bowser
  • Matthew V. Cesare
  • Hal Clawson
  • Ben Cornelius
  • Elizabeth & Bruce H. Courter
  • Alton P. David
  • Bernd H. Fanghanel
  • Gary Faulkner
  • Douglas Fink
  • Frank J. Harker
  • John Hiller
  • Wayne E. Johnson
  • Victor V. Kidd
  • Allen W. Landis
  • Richard Lind
  • Byron L. Locke
  • Garret McCabe
  • Thomas E. McMaster
  • Craig Miller
  • Ted Ostrander
  • Jack Perry
  • James W. Pifer
  • Brian Poole
  • Raymond S. Richards
  • Jennifer Rygel
  • Ronald P. Saputski
  • Bruce G. Saylor
  • Raymond E. Schmitt
  • Robert Sembach
  • Robert D. Shotsberger
  • Alan Sinclair
  • Thomas Spangler
  • Waldemar B. Stack
  • Michael Swinnerton
  • Adam Watson
  • John F. Wheeler
  • David S. Whitaker
  • Charles Wikert
  • Sam W. Wilder
  • James Zumbo

In Memory of Leighton “Lee” B. Carlson

  • Duane E. Mellor  

In Memory of Charles Rogers:

  • Robert & Sandra Hochwald

In Memory of Murray “Mike” White:

  • Vincent Cipriani