Special activities planned at the FEBT Robertsdale Museum on Saturday June 26.

FEBT Robertsdale Museum
FEBT Robertsdale Museum

Following a successful opening day, the FEBT museum has added a special treat for our next operating day, Saturday June 26: an opportunity to learn about the EBT and the coal mines from one of FEBT’s founding fathers. At 4:30 PM noted scholar of the EBT, Vagel Keller, will lead an extended walking tour of the mines.

We suggest you come earlier in the day. Spend time reading the new display panels built by Bill Adams. (Now with audio!) Look at the large map of the EBT and take part in our “EBT 101” discussion. Take a tour earlier in the day to get our basic version. Walk over to the Broad Top Area Coal Miners Museum (if you have not been there, you are really missing something). Look at and purchase some of the unique FEBT items that are only available at the museum gift shop. Wish someone would have collected together the issues of the TT that Ron Pearson referenced in his great article in the current Timber Transfer? Done, waiting for you to buy them at the gift shop.

The museum opens at 10:00 AM and will close when Vagel’s tour returns.

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