FEBT Contributes to EBT Archive Project

Some of you may have been wondering what is to be done with the FEBT 2021 Restoration Fundraiser donations that have been received above our $78,000 goal. More preservation and restoration of course!
EBT Archives
Julie K. Rockwell and the EBT Archives
The first of these projects to be funded by your extreme generosity is a joint archiving project between the EBT Foundation and Friends of the East Broad Top. The funds have brought on a professional archivist and an intern to begin the process of assessing and cataloging the vast paper archives of of both the East Broad Top Railroad and Friends of the East Broad Top.
FEBT contributed $10,000 toward the project, matching an earlier gift by an anonymous donor. This is the first step in both protecting these extensive and historic archives, and making the information available to researchers. We all look forward to what treasures are found and preserved!
For more details on the project visit the press release below at the East Broad Top Railroad webpage.

EBT Archives Press Release