FEBT Restoration – Coal Bin

Project Years: 2006

The Coal Bin is a building connecting the Boiler House and Foundry, consisting of a single large room. It held the coal supply for the shops boiler in the Boiler House. A concrete pit to the west of the bin, the outline of which can still be seen, received coal dumped from EBT hoppers and a bucket chain arrangement powered off the line shaft system carried the coal from the pit into the bin. The bin was open into the Boiler house where coal could be shoveled into the boilers.

As part of the continuing restoration work to the adjoining Boiler House, it was necessary to work from the roof of the Coal Bin to rebuild the north wall of the Boiler House, bit the roof was no longer strong enough in its deteriorated state. As such, work on the adjoining building was paused for the Coal Bin to be rebuilt.

The Coal Bin was severely deteriorated by the 2000s. The sills were completely rotted away and most of the roof was salvageable. The structure was so badly deteriorated, the east wall and roof had to be completely demolished and reconstructed. The north and west walls were largely reconstructed. A new concrete foundation was poured for the building. The building originally had a cupola which contained the pulley and sprocket mechanism for the bucket chain. The Cupola had been removed in the late 70s or early 80s. Although the cupola was not reconstructed, the roof structure was rebuilt to the same design as the original so that the cupola could be added at a later time. The original entry for the bucket chain was converted into a door and the Bin has since been used for the storage of tools and supplies for the restoration effort. The coal boards which prevented excessive coal from spilling into the Boiler House, were reinstalled and black painted boards installed between them so that coal could be inserted to recreate the original look. A recreation sash was installed in an opening in the west wall. A water shower head that was used to keep down coal dust, was also reinstalled.

The Coal bin is receive a recoat of paint in 2020.