FEBT Restoration – Passenger Cars #18 and #29

The origin of EBT combine #18 is unclear. It may have been constructed by the railroad in 1876, making it the oldest EBT passenger car still in existence. The car was sold by the EBT in 1954 and traveled to Michigan and then Colorado, where it was purchased at auction by the FEBT in 2002.

In contrast to combine no. 18, the provenance of baggage-express car no. 29 is much clearer. It was among the second-hand passenger equipment the EBT purchased in 1916 from the Au Sable & Northwestern Railroad when that railroad converted to standard gauge. (In the same year the EBT acquired more passenger cars from the Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn Railroad; today these cars comprise the bulk of the passenger equipment still on the railroad.) No. 29 is 36′ 2″ long (excluding end platforms) and features board-and-batten style side sheathing. It was used in work-train service during its final years on the EBT.

Both cars are now in temporary storage at the East Broad Top awaiting their turn for restoration.