FEBT January Rockhill Restoration Work Session – Announcement and Signup

The FEBT next Rockhill Restoration Work Session is coming up January 6-7 Work hours will be from 9 am to 5 pm Saturday, and 9 am to 4 pm Sunday.


For up to the minute forecasts visit www.accuweather.com and enter the Rockhill zip code 17249. Please dress accordingly for outside work.


To reserve a seat for breakfast, for a donation, served at 8am at the Iron Rail B&B contact David at trolley@innernet.net before Thursday. Seats must be reserved ahead of time. Other local restaurants are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Iron Rail B&B 814-447-3984, Grandma’s Corner Air BnB 814-447-3346, Mill Stone Manor 814-643-0108, Huntingdon Motor Inn 814-643-1133, Comfort Inn 814-643-1600 ask for the FEBT rate, Fairfield Inn 814-643-7909, Downes Hotel 717-987-3116, The Hereford Hideaway 814-329-6968. For more information please go to FEBT.org/services.

Projects we will be working on:


The baggage section needs final paint prep, roof conduit and lights need installed, fitting of windows can continue, and seat brackets can be installed. Tools to bring: cordless drills/drivers, tape measure, pencil, hearing protection, eye protection. Up to 6 volunteers can work on the Combine.


We will be applying the final details to the interior, move the contents of the engineers cubby back into the engineers cubby. Bring eye and ear protection, tape measure, pencil and gloves. Up to 4 volunteers.


Joint work North of Hwy. 475. Remember your PPE, hard hats, gloves, hearing protection, eye protection, good work boots. Saturday only, up to 12 volunteers.


Repair and paint old window sash and install. Up to 6 volunteers.


Mill and install the wood floor in the boxcar. Bring gloves, hearing protection, tape measure, pencil. Up to 4 volunteers.


It is time to rebuild the North Car Shop doors. Bring cordless drill/driver, hat, gloves, carpentry tools. Up to 3 volunteers.


You must be 18 and a member of the FEBT ( or join at the work site.) These are insurance requirements. We are guests of the railroad and need to behave accordingly.

Please click on the button below to view the online sign up sheet. Select the crew you wish to work with each day and click the submit button at the bottom of the page.


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