2020 FEBT Fall Reunion Cancelled as In-Person event – To Become Virtual Event

In the interest of keeping our members and their loved ones safe and healthy, FEBT regrets to inform you that we are canceling the in-person fall reunion event for 2020.

FEBT is however going to hold a virtual event in its place. This event will include three presentations and our annual business meeting. More information on the virtual information will soon be available via the FEBT web site at: www.febt.org. The event will be free to all including non members. For those of you who have already purchased tickets you will be receiving a full refund from the company store soon.

We will be working to organize an on-site event at a safe time in the spring to feature familiar in-person events such as train rides, tours, and the fundraising auction. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Virtual Event Highlights

  • Henry Posner: Visions for the EBT
  • Dave Domitrovich,CMO: Tuning the swing machine
  • Ron Pearson: Searching For the Lost Robertsdale Coal Mines
  • Annual business Meeting

We will post more information as soon as it becomes available. Thanks, and stay safe!