FEBT Restoration – Lumber Shed

The EBT Lumber Shed is an often forgotten but large structure at the south end of the Rockhill Yard. The shed was, and still is, the storage location for a wide assortment of supplies used by the EBT in its various maintenance and construction activities. Other than steel rod and tube, most bulky supplies were stored here.

In recent decades, the posts that support the building have been failing as their bases, set into the earth, rot away. The structure of the building could sustain a few failed posts, but over a dozen had failed and portions of the structure were beginning to sag.

Beginning during the FEBT’s 2015 work week, volunteers began jacking up sections of the building, cutting off the rotted portions of the posts, and pouring new concrete footers set below the frost line. Failed braces were replaced and damaged beams reinforced. Work continued duringĀ  2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, with over two dozen new post footers installed. The building was returned to a level state and all the failed posts have been repaired, with less compromised ones in progress. A great amount of cleanup and organization of the materials has been performed, with rotted or non-original materials removed and other materials organized.

Work on footers will continue in coming years until all the posts have new footers.