Timber Transfer

Friends of the East Broad Top Timber Transfer Magazine

Established 1983
Managing Editor - Jane Clarke
Contributing Editors - Lee Rainey and Lawrence Biemiller

Latest Indexed Issue:  :Vol. 32, No. 02 - Summer, 2020
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FEBT publishes an award-winning quarterly magazine, the Timber Transfer. Contents of our magazine include:

Timber Transfers

Over the years, many FEBT members have dedicated a great deal of time and effort researching and exploring every inch of the East Broad Top Railroad, including long-abandoned and sometimes long forgotten branches. Much of the resulting large body of knowledge has been documented in the pages of the Timber Transfer, making our magazine one of the best sources for accurate information on virtually any subject concerning the EBT.

Submissions, letters to the editor and comments for the Timber Transfer are always welcome. The Transfer Shed (classified ads, free for members) will reopen with the Summer 2015 issue. Please email or mail all correspondence to:


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