Services near the East Broad Top


AddressPhoneTypeGoogle RatingDistance
Comfort Inn100 S. 4th Street, Huntingdon, PA, 16652, US 814-693-5075Hotel4.2/529 minNorth
Huntingdon Motor Inn6920 Motor Inn Dr, Huntingdon, PA 16652
814-643-1133Hotel4.1/529 minNorth
White Tail Ridge Inn 10066 Griffith St, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-643-0736 Lodge
4.8/533 minNorth
Downe's Motel29195 Great Cove Rd, Fort Littleton, PA 17223717-987-3116Hotel4.0/521 minSouth
Johnnie's Motel709 Lincoln Way E, Mcconnellsburg, PA 17233717-485-3116Hotel3.2/535 minSouth
Mill Stone Manor11979 William Penn Hwy, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-643-0108Hotel4.1/524 minNorth
Lake Raystown Resort3101 Chipmunk Crossing, Entriken, PA 16638814-658-3500Cottages4.3/533 minWest
Willow Hill Motel35QQ+P4 Willow Hill, Pennsylvania717-349-9916717-349-9916Hotel3.9/525 minSoutheast
The Iron Rail371 Meadow St, Rockhill, PA 17249814-447-3984Bed and Breakfast4.8/51 minNorth
Rockhill Cottage Bed and Breakfast452 Iron St, Rockhill, PA 17249814-599-4066Bed and Breakfast5.0/51 minNorth
Aunt Susie's Country Vacations12393 Maple Ln, Hesston, PA 16647888-232-5253Cottages4.9/541 minNorthwest
Blue Moon Farm and Forge4988 Blue Moon Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-627-6122Bed and Breakfastn/a38 minNorthwest
The Inn at Solvang10611 Standing Stone Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-643-3035Bed and Breakfast4.9/534 minNorth
Weiler Mansion Bed & Breakfast2588 Front Mountain Rd, Belleville, PA 17004717-513-3973Bed and Breakfast5.0/537 minNorth
Raystown Seven Points Campgroup6256 Seven Points Rd, Hesston, PA 16647814-658-3405Campground
4.4/543 minNorthwest
Raystown Lake Susquehannock CampgroundSusquehannock Rd, Hesston, PA 16647814-658-6809Campground4.6/545 minNorthwest
Raystown Lake Nancy's CampJames Creek, PA 16657814-643-0485Campground4.0/541 minWest
Raystown Lake Branch Camp SiteRiver Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-695-2249Campgroundn/a35 minWest
Lake Raystown Resort3101 Chipmunk Crossing, Entriken, PA 16638814-658-3500Campground4.3/532 minWest
Canoe Creek State Park205 Canoe Creek Rd, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648814-695-6807Cottages4.6/553 minNorthwest
Canoe Creek State Park205 Canoe Creek Rd, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648814-695-6807Campground4.6/5
53 minNorthwest
Greenwood Furnace State Park15795 Greenwood Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-667-1800Campground4.7/547 minNorth
Happy Trails Campground13682 Upper Corners Rd, Hesston, PA 16647814-658-3901Campground4.9/5
44 minNorthwest
Idle Acres Camping Area120 Idle Acres, Mcveytown, PA 17051717-899-6307Campground4.2/527 minNorth
Lake Raystown Family Camping Resort 11601 Piney Ridge Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-643-3377Campground4.7/537 minNorthwest
Locust Campground475 Locust Rd, Lewistown, PA 17044717-248-3974Campground4.5/542 minNortheast
Penn Roosevelt State ParkHuntingdon, PA 16652814-667-1800Campground4.4/573 min
Pioneer Family Campground2016 Pioneer Family Lane, James Creek, PA 16657814-658-2267Campground4.5/539 minNorthwest
Pleasant Hills Resort12733 Pleasant Hills Dr, Hesston, PA 16647814-658-3986Campground4.6/545 minNorthwest
Woodland Camping Resort5968 Woodland Drive, Hesston, PA 16647814-658-3017Campground4.5.544 min
Brush Creek Campground2118 S Breezewood Rd, Breezewood, PA 15533814-423-1793Campground3.7/546 minSouthwest
Burnt Cabins Grist Mill & Campground 582 Grist Mill Rd, Burnt Cabins, PA 17215717-987-3244Campground4.5/517 minSouth
Cowans Gap State Park6235 Aughwick Rd, Fort Loudon, PA 17224717-485-3948Campground4.7/526 minSourh
Hideaway Campground449 Pointer Rd, Everett, PA 15537814-735-4170Campground4.9/549 minSouthwest
Fowlers Hollow State ParkBlain, PA 17006717-776-5272Campground4.7/546 minEast
Circle B Campground7507, 1407 Shy Beaver Rd, James Creek, PA 16657814-658-3702Campground4.6/542 minWest
Colbert's Farm Estate6502 Coder Rd, Calvin, PA 16622814-643-0817Bed and Breakfast
n/a28 minNorthwest
Hemlock Hideaway Campground Todd Township, PA 16678814-658-3663Campground4.6/529 minWest
Heritage Cove Resort1172 River Rd, Saxton, PA 16678814-635-3386Campground4.0/542 minWest
Heritage Cove Resort1172 River Rd, Saxton, PA 16678814-635-3386Cottages4.0/542 minWest
Shady Maple Campground18236 Shady Maple Rd, Broad Top City, PA 16621814-448-9000Campground4.2/525 minWest
Shy Beaver RV Park1529 Shy Beaver Rd, James Creek, PA 16657814-721-0181Campground5.0/542 minWest
Trough Creek State Park16362 Little Valley Rd, James Creek, PA 16657814-658-3847Campground4.7/538 minWest
Huntingdon HideawayRiver View Heigts, Huntingdon, PA724-349-6268Cottagesn/a38 minNorthwest
Wildwood Lodge5684 Leisure Ln, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-571-8799Cottages3.8/540 minNorthwest
Point Campground6764 Seven Points Rd, Hesston, PA 16647Campground4.8/548 minNorthwest
Lanes Country Homestead & Pine Lodge6073 Lane Rd, Cassville, PA 16623814-448-3351Cottages4.8/526 minWest
Ripka's CottagesRipka Dr, Huntingdon, PA814-643-4206Cottagesn/a35 minNorthwest
Stone Valley Recreation Area325 Charter Oak Rd, Petersburg, PA 16669814-863-1164Cottages4.7/556 minNorth
Trophy Mountain Lodge and Weddings5262 Williamsburg Mountain Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-644-1576Cottages4.9/538 minNorthwest
Warrior Ridge Hideaway12400 Turkey Farm Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-571-0804Cottages4.7/548 minNorthwest
Bitter Goose Lodge4689 Bitter Goose Ln, Broad Top City, PA 16621877-466-3527Cottages5.0/527 minWest
Dufflane Cabin Rentals16092 Duff Lane, James Creek, PA 16657814-448-2369Cottages5.0/543 minWest
Shy Beaver Lakeview Estates2553 Timber Lake Dr, James Creek, PA 16657814-658-3190Cottagesn/a44 minWest
Trough Creek Lodge, Trough Creek State Park16362 Little Valley Rd, James Creek, PA 16657814-658-3847Cottages4.7/537 minWest
Rooster Retreat Bed and Breakfast17851 Jacobs Rd, Cassville, PA 16623814-448-2159Bed and Breakfast5.0/524 minWest
Black Log Valley Lodge16150 Blacklog Valley Rd, Orbisonia, PA 17243717-471-0927Bed and Breakfast4.0/515 minNortheast
Grandma's Corner Airbnb512 Center Street, Rockhill Furnace, PA814-447-3346Bed and Breakfastn/a1 minNorth
Trough Creek View Inn17458 Loop Rd, Cassville, PA 16623814-643-6000Cottagesn/a24 minWest
Gage Mansion Bed & Breakfast317 Penn St, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-599-2803Bed and Breakfast4.6/529 minNorth
The Inn at Ragged Edge1090 Ragged Edge Rd, Chambersburg, PA 17202717-496-8372Bed and Breakfast4.7/553 minSoutheast
Dykeman House Bed & Breakfast6 Dykeman Rd, Shippensburg, PA 17257717-530-1919Bed and Breakfast4.7/549 minSoutheast
Riverbank Campground8497 Awkerman Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-644-7911Campground4.4/534 minNorthwest
Riverbank Campground8497 Awkerman Rd, Huntingdon, PA 16652814-644-7911Cottages4.4/534 minNorthwest
Little Valley Log Cabins2113 Mount Cabin Ln, Saxton, PA 16678717-838-1688Cottagesn/a36 minWest
The Chalets of Raystown5184 Vineyard Ln, Huntingdon, PA 16652717-602-2675Cottages5.0/539 minNorthwest
Jenny Spring Cabin814-627-5311Cottagesn/a48 minNorthwest
Quality Inn Breeze Manor16621 Lincoln Hwy, Breezewood, PA 15533814-735-4311Hotel4.5/539 minSoutheast
Holiday Inn Express Breezewood16503 Lincoln Hwy, Breezewood, PA 15533814-735-7666Hotel4.5/540 minSoutheast
Days Inn by Wyndham Breezewood16407 Lincoln Hwy, Breezewood, PA 15533814-735-4352Hotel3.6/541 minSoutheast
Budget Inn Breezewood16348 Lincoln Hwy, Breezewood, PA 15533814-735-4440Hotel4.3/541 minSoutheast
Breezewood Motel130 S Breezewood Rd, Breezewood, PA 15533814-327-6312Hotel2.3/541 minSoutheast