FEBT Restoration – Car Barn Leads

The EBT’s unique gas-electric, M-1, developed a problem with its engine-to-generator coupling. For repairs, it was necessary to move it to the Rockhill Trolley Museum’s Car Barn 1, which stands beside the trolley museum’s machine shop. But the narrow-gauge track into the carbarn was not in good enough shape to support M-1. So the FEBT crew worked on the three switches leading to the barn, and a trolley-museum crew changed the ties in the lead tracks. As a result M-1 was repaired and was able to make its annual appearance at the Fall Event that year. The Friday before the event, M-1 posed on Track 3 with the track crews from EBT and the trolley museum.

Since then, the FEBT track crew has worked on the turntable lead, the north and south Car Shop leads, the turntable escape track, the Paint Shop lead, the M-3 shed lead, and Track 1 north of the station, which was returned to use for a 2011 Thomas the Tank Engine event.