2022 FEBT Restoration Fundraiser

2022 Fund Drive Grand Total
2022 Fund Drive Grand Total

Visit the 2024 Fundraiser Campaign Page for our current drive and the projects currently underway.

The 2022 Fundraiser Campaign surpassed our $100,000 goal in just three months, but we continued to accept donations. The campaign raised $248,151.22 toward preservation, restoration and interpretation of the East Broad Top Railroad!

For more information on how the 2022 donations benefitted the historic East Broad Top, view the 14 minute video below that explains the projects and where we are going from here.

For the 2022 restoration season, FEBT is launching several important projects across the East Broad Top Railroad. In 2021 FEBT had a goal of $78,000 but was able to raise $156,819.31 to provide funds to several major projects at the EBT. After that great success, we will keep up the momentum for the 2022 Restoration Fundraiser!

Please help us raise $100,000 through our 2022 Annual Campaign to supplement the work of the EBT Foundation in Rockhill, to plan for southward expansion, and to support the on-going Robertsdale revival.

The 2022 Annual Campaign started Oct. 1 and ran until the 2022 Fall Reunion.

Follow the link below to securely donate online to our FEBT Restoration Fund, and continue reading for more details on the 2022 projects.

Thank you for your support!


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Project Descriptions:

EBT Coal Dock in 2021
EBT Coal Dock in 2021 – Photo by Dave Bulman

Rockhill Coal Dock Repairs and Fire Suppression System

The EBT Foundation is actively working to install a fire suppression system in the historic Rockhill shops – a project we would all agree is a top priority! It now turns out that, in addition to coaling engines, the iconic, concrete Rockhill Coaling Tipple will also play a critical part in the fire suppression project. The large vaulted room under the tipple has been chosen to house the pumps that will feed the system. To do this, it must be made weatherproof. The money you generously contributed for the tipple in the 2021 campaign will pay most of the cost of a professional construction crew to repair the roof, rebuild the top structure, and other tasks in preparation for installing the pumps. That leaves one critical task: the rebuilding of the retaining walls on both sides of the structure. We are seeking to raise an additional $30,000 – to be matched by the EBT Foundation – to rebuild the retaining walls.

EBT Saltillo Water Tank
EBT Saltillo Water Tank – Photo by Hugh Boutell

Engineering for Saltillo Depot and Water Tank

The Foundation’s strategic planners tell us, “The Foundation would be overjoyed if the Saltillo depot and tank reappeared in the next 2 or 3 years.” For this to occur, a series of community input, planning, engineering, architectural, and permitting tasks need to start now. Historical-preservation architect John Bowie (long-time FEBT member and author of the Saltillo HAER study) has volunteered his time to the project. We are seeking to raise an additional $25,000. This money will cover engineering consultants and necessary expenses as we begin the many preliminary preparations for the construction of representative buildings to support a return to Saltillo!

EBT Archives Project
EBT Archives Project – Photo by Matthew Malkiewicz

EBT Foundation/FEBT Archiving Project

Your generous response to our 2021 fund drive allowed us to hire professional help to inventory and start to conserve the huge volume of EBT records stored in the Orbisonia depot and other Rockhill buildings. Our next goal is to make appropriate EBT records and FEBT photo collections available online for research. We are seeking to raise $35,000 (to be matched by the EBT Foundation) for archival storage materials, cataloging and uploading software, and continued professional staff time.

Signage Concept
Signage Concept

Robertsdale Interpretive Signage and Hopper Repainting

In addition, we are planning to enhance the outdoor visitor experience at Robertsdale. This will include the cosmetic restoration, painting, and lettering of the hopper cars. Also planned are outdoor interpretive signage, displays, and trails. Created with the permission of adjacent landowners, and in coordination with the Broad Top Area Coal Miners Museum, the signs will have a similar look and feel to signage to be deployed elsewhere by EBTF. We are seeking to raise $10,000 for this project.