- 2018 Fall Reunion - Sept. 21-22-23, 2018.
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2018 FEBT Fall Reunion - Sept. 21-22-23, 2018

This year we are trying something different with the fall FEBT Reunion - a new place and a new date!

The new place: The Bricktown Model Railroad Club in Mount Union offered their building, a warehouse that once shipped on the EBT. As you probably know, almost all their members are also very active FEBT members, and the progress they have made in the past year is amazing.

The new date: The Bricktown building is not available any weekend in October due to other events. Luckily we were able to find a date in September that is not a Penn State football weekend, is not Juniata homecoming, and is free of major model railroad event conflicts. This new date is Sept. 21-22-23, 2018.

We're excited about this experiment. Renting space in the school, as we have done for the past few years, is VERY expensive. We pay for floor space, for having a janitor on duty the whole time, and more. The result has been a very high cost for the venue that mandates a steep admissions charge, when compared to other train events.

Expect the full Reunion line-up of clinics, portable layouts, company store, outside tours, and more - in a better place, on a new date.

We look forward to seeing you in Mount Union - aka Bricktown - in September.

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